Acuto Takes The Plunge @ Geronimo Festival, Knutsford

I got a phone call from Simon Goldman the organiser of Geronimo Festival a week before it started asking if I'd be interested in cutting hair at a barber tent.

Geronimo is known as the Children's Glastonbury aimed at families with children up to the age of 13 and takes place at Arley Hall near Knutsford.

I jumped at the chance as I'm keen to do festivals and outdoor events during the summer months. I was employed by the festival to offer free haircuts to any men and boys in need of a trim.

A barber who was recommended to me, Danny Cottrell, helped out on the Sunday. Eve Salter helped with the set up and promoting Acuto as well as being photographer.

It was very busy and I enjoyed it very much. It was a great opportunity to promote our business and I have definitely gained clients from the event.

Get a FREE Cut/Shave

I have been busy contacting other festivals to find more work of this kind for this year and next. If you know of any festivals that might be up for this then feel free to get in touch and if they take it up I'll give you a free cut/shave as a thank you.

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